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To what extent is your curriculum culturally sensitive?

Using the Culturally Sensitive Curriculum Scales we will collaborate with you to assess the extent to which your curriculum is culturally sensitive.

Culturally Sensitive Organisational Environment: are you meeting your inclusion imperatives?

Our Culturally Sensitive Organisational Environment Scales (CSOES) can be used to assess the extent to which your organisational environment is culturally sensitive. Once data is collected, it is interpreted via an interactive dashboard, which lets you understand the perception gap for each team and across your organisation.

  • Map where you are now across key cultural sensitivity metrics and measure against your own organisational and team goals

  • Compare the difference between your workforce’s diversity profile, and that of the target community or customer base

  • Compare teams with each other, to understand the cultural and demographic balance 

Use these insights to shape your hiring, engagement and inclusion strategies with an accurate, fast and easy to use platform featuring all your diversity and inclusion data in one, secure place.

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